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Waywords And Meansigns

Waywords And Meansigns, Producer

“Whether it’s the Zappaesque riffs of Mr. Smolin, raucous sing-alongs from Steve Gregoropoulos, or the a cappella croonings of Lizzy Longo, these offerings prove unique and astonishing.”    Colorado Springs Independent

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce is a literary labyrinth, an intellectual maze with its variable waves of cognitive dissonance and culpable cognitive confusi; Waywordandmeansigns – and artists, nod in homage to Joyce in its productions of scale artistic multi-genre word-song-speach with orchestration not nearly as complex – though we try, in each subsequent edition…edition…

In its first edition, Liz Longo and Izzy Longo  provide vocals with  Leo Traversa Bass. Recorded and mixed at Taylor Roig Recording  Battalion Rehearsal Studio 

First Edition

Second Edition


A Bird and Its Albatross

Minds Eye Series

Arts Insight with Andrew Guidone


kahave nyc

Art of the Mind

On Positive Thinking

Serendipity Media Press

The Mind Eye Series

A series in celebration of humanity’s greater “healthy” inner vision. The series places a focus on a cluster of building blocks that are apart of our global environment, and how we create such often with good mental health and positive organized thinking. Birds fly, so do our thoughts; fly in the direction of positive thinking.  The goal here is people empowering people for good healthy change, or renewal.

Art Insight with Andrew Guidone

In working on Arts Insight with Andrew Guidone, Liz is a part of bringing emerging and established artists to viewers of cable television, Youtube and clips featured on its official website.  Recent guests:  Street Poets NYC, founded by Hrsh Reyalitee, and singer songwriter Trisha Ivy.

BWAC – The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

BWAC‘s mantra is “Support Living Artists” and it does. With its spring, summer and fall exhibitions, juried exhibitions, classes and camaraderie with members, members have plenty of resources in the mix in addition to great exposure. You can support living artist by adding their work to your present collection.

Art of the Mind

A short film featuring Liz Longo as artist model for Audry Anastasi,  accompanied by sung narrative from an essay of the same title.

On Positive Thinking

It beats the alternative by a far and wide mile.  Positive thinking these day is not easy, recession depression is out there dangling between headlines. Being a part of progressive change by increasing positive thinking, you can gain a very healthy sense of forward momentum.  Efforts of progressive people, organizations as well, are key to a stronger healthier global environment all around. Ode to that!

Serendipity Media Press

Gina Meyers founded Serendipity Media Press to bring to the market cookbooks, memoirs, fiction and work of emerging authors. How Liz met Gina? While noshing in the California kitchen of former NYC Parks Department Horitculturist/current FresnoCA landscape designer, Sarah Avena figured her Brooklyn pal writer should meet Fresno pal writer.  The cockatiel the book was based on, “Funny”, digs leafy greens and veggies.

Book cover designs for A Bird and Its Albatross:   David Meyers  cover designer featuring Birds of Paradise.  Laura Duffy cover designer featuring a Cockatiel and a Tawney Frogmouth.



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