A Bird And Its Albatross

A Bird and Its Albatross, A Tale of Renewal

A Bird and its Albatross taps on resolution and renewal, it is an allegorical tale for our times. With narrative and poetry it tells of a cockatiel driving others from nesting nearby until dark when the unraveling of feathers opens a mind to a new day; to not forget the past as we move forward for the future together.

Liz Longo has appeared on Canada Radio, WTNR and A Cup of Coffee and A Good Book, Liz is viewed as progressive and forward thinking, seeing humanity’s greater moments as catalyst and motivation to implement healthy changes far and wide.

A Bird and Its Albatross

Fast forward, today. While justice does not always prevail, the media, journalism, tabloids, conveys thoughts on issues from various angles.  From far outside the jury box, we – ourselves, need to reach out for resolutions on what would have prevented harm and implement healthy systems to over it.  This cycle of unrest is an albatross, but what it the tale of renewal.

“Can’t turn back now, steer the herd forward.”    FarmNews, 16 centuries ago

Thinking outside the book and the box, the world’s people need a deeper level of empathy to not cross the lines of violence and abuse.  The youthful community should be where we place our healthiest and best efforts.  Supplemental to very interesting academic content, teaching methods and exercise, a PreK-12 empathy building course would provide age appropriate community building for the youthful community. The addition to academic education, would allow youth to learn empathy skills, see past generations – and stereotypes, to relate equally/respectfully and also gain the peer-empowerment which would thus lower their stress level which would – in turn, allow them to maintain focus longer.  The youthful community will need to tackle whatever we are leaving them as a result of our generation’s effort.  Expanding guidance departments would be a healthy and simple way to give our youthful community the care and cohesiveness needed for them to enjoy their generations as adults, future parents and elders. [Education proposal available.]

The world has a vast amount of brilliant people who can steering the people who need more balance and peace in their lives to find better ground. With healthy progressive momentum, steering the herd can lead us to greener pastures, figuratively and literally.  Sure you are busy at the moment but the  motive is humane, imperative.

Trying may not only help your ancestors smile in their sleep, you may rest in peace better yourself.

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