Audience Series No. 1

Positive thinking these day is not always easy, recession depression can be a beast. The fiscal syphoning off the general public back leaves many with low disposable income. With low or no disposable income, throwing money at retailers on any day or on the higher food prices cause by grocer’s need to survive seriously obnoxious rents is creating a very sad stalemate, stores are emptier more often many people get more selective; the others survive on plastic till that fiscal hell hole hits a limit only long enough for the bank to extend your limit to charge you more excessively tacky finance charges that – likely, toppled what you initially needed the card services for. Like what? Root canal, never covered. Its not like everyone has a new mortgage or cost of initial investment are never amply were satisfied in time, its largely gluttony….its a thought.  Cellular costs are tacky also. How much does it really cost for cellular use?  The signal steams, the  bank account screams at every withdrawal, weep. Milk went up, guess the herd gets a retirement out of that 25cent increase or is farmer getting raked with market rent. If a power-to-be wants the economy to rebound, the general public needs their expenses to drop so we can have disposable income. Ranting is free but its time for this:


Audience No. 6Audience Series No. 2


Enjoy the healthy sense of forward momentum of progressive people, organizations key to a stronger healthier physical and mental health environment. Ode to that! Being a part of progressive change by increasing positive thinking is great for everyone pretty much, except those who prefer to suffer holding up archaic traditions.



Mind’s Eye Series No. 6


Last I heard, relationships are supposed to be good for you.



Last I heard, relationship were supposed to be good for you.


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