The flip side of an otherwise happy healthy mind is when its thought navigation may need assistance. If the mind were a skateboard, balance is needed to go at a healthy clip.

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Thoughts – beliefs vary, emit from the brain mass, in rational that evolved from infancy – if things don’t make sense just dribble…until you come up with something, a third eye, and/or the convergence of some or all of that before words pass lips.  Outside of having the perfect brain that move thought around as comfortable a skateboarder finds  newly paved street in, uhh, Brooklyn  – cut yourself slack, Einstein had quirks and brains can have issues.  It can have a subtle functioning flaw and/or may impact be impacted by the emotional tangents life’s lays before you that can lend to being so consumed with worry there is  sidetracking of day to day thinking. Imaging the skateboarder now heading toward  a ramp.  Anxiety short circuits sensibilities.  Reach out in a few healthy ways, not one. Ride each curve of the ramp with a goal of navigating the peaks of the ramp until you cruse down life’s path at a more comfortable clip. You want the skate board to feel right where its needed to cruise on forward with happy healthiest goals. (feel the breeze)

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Reaching out for great hydration and good food helps the physical body and physical brain function. That’s right, the brain needs hydration and good foot. Stop feeding just those hips dude!  After you stock place with good food, research what bugging you. Collect your thoughts on that, make some healthy adjustments. Don’t hold back discussing you worries and health strategies with professional mental and physical healthcare people – they took on their careers to focus helping people, and add that advise to  create your awesome overall plan for raise up your  overall health and awesome wellbeing.  Simplify issues,  yourself to be a more comfortable and productive you. Make your world spin in the happiest directions. Focus on your issues with a healthy resolve in mind,

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Depression is complex, plenty of people have it.  Depression can be fatal. Death is not a solution for depression. Artists painted masterpieces, authors wrote profound books and  musicians moved the body and soul of billions while thoroughly depressed.  Reflection under depression is profound. Artist are mentioned for sake of providing examples for common ground and context. Point being, its possible to exist, work and function with it to a degree.  Depression can be fatal.  Too many great people we have in common – artists, author and musicians, actors and others that fascinated us, to those we would like a our dinner table even tonight that died of depression.  Silence is a song unsung. We don’t have to guess there would have been more great paintings, music, stories and conversations at a dinner table, we know it.   Realize also that getting treated for depression should not entirely be a depressing process. The skateboard can take direction,  navigate in a concerted way.

You can tell your friends that you have a serious funk. Don’t let it getting in the way of doing a good thing.  Get help where you feel comfortable doing so.  Spend time with those with a healthy view point. Toxic friends are toxic. There are plenty of articles are out there on that. Pull back from the toxic. Relatives can be toxic; someone said “relatives know how to push your buttons because they installed them”,  Look for a new perspective on things, adopt the healthy perspectives you like.  Minor healthy changes can help set the stage for major healthy changes.   Get healthy in all respects. Reflect and plan ahead.   Space out the time you need for yourself and move forward.  There are no cold beers in heaven, hell or elsewhere….unless you reincarnate as a Trappist Monk in which case I would buy a case. If you are in a funk, make the case for taking care of you.

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