MentalWellth Focus Mind’s Eye Series


MindsEye6 edited on Pixlr for webMind’s Eye No. 6

The mind jetties suspended thoughts, senses happen, you make a conscious decision.

Centering of thought and spiritual equilibrium are incessantly impacted by the quivering vibrations of life’s tumultuous currents; its waves creating a tide that cascade over the senses of ones human vessel to its soul where its intensions echo.    

Longo_Liz_09 - pixler Minds Eye MusiciansMind’s Eye No. 10 – Musicians


Musician’s Inner vision has driven home some seriously heartfelt beats. Coltrane massages the soul.  Miles Davis taps it to reflect. Nora Jones sweetly stirs it on up.

Minds Eye No. 2Mind’s Eye No. 4

Intellectual juxtaposition may form a balance of opinion.


Minds Eye No. 1Mind’s Eye No. 1


Forward thinking is progressive, backward thinking is hindsight.


Minds Eye No 3Mind’s Eye No. 3

Perspectives remaining fresh cool the brain and soul.



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